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Category Archives: New Product Information

Prototype Development on Production Lines

Mar, 25 2019 Posted in Industry News, Sonic News

We Use Our Production Line for Prototype Development Some Say It’s Crazy…We Disagree! Using production lines for prototype development is a great way for companies to test out new products. It gives your business a competitive edge in new product development and is cost-effective. Read on for some tips on how and why your business …

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3 Internet of Things Examples

Feb, 19 2019 Posted in Industry News, Sonic News

3 Internet of Things Examples That Show Just How Connected We Really Are Remember when the internet was only on computers? Whether you’re aware or not, you probably come in contact with several connected devices during your daily routine. In fact, there will be an estimated 26.6 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices by the …

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New Product Introduction & Design for Manufacturing

Jan, 18 2019 Posted in Industry News, Sonic News

The process of engineering a new product at an incubator, lab, or startup is an exciting time. Perhaps your ultimate objective is to increase revenue, improve quality, or introduce innovation. No matter what, design engineering is critical, but successfully taking a new product to market is an equally complex process. Moving from proof of concept …

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