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119Clean and Renewable Technology

Clean and Renewable Technology

clean energy assembly and manufacturing services, fremont, caAt $6 trillion dollars the energy market is a rapidly growing sector. Many entrepreneurs recognize the promise of this very exciting market and have launched new products and services. We support many products from vision to commercialized product quickly and cost effectively?

Sonic’s vast experience in New Product Introduction (NPI), coupled with our in-house capacity to integrate mechanical and electronic components, makes us an ideal partner for the green technology sector. We help guide customers through all of the critical stages including production of first product, then build on our established relationship as growth happens.

The Sonic Benefits Are

  • Capability to integrate electronic and mechanical components
  • Guidance on best practices of manufacturing, from design to engineering and production
  • Confidence from exhaustive testing of new products prior to introduction
  • Faster time-to-market and volume, satisfying both entrepreneurs and their investors

Sonic’s Clean and Renewable Technology EMS Experience

  • A startup LED lighting company engaged Sonic to help support its NPI to high-volume manufacturing needs. We not only produced the initial prototypes but also developed complete manufacturing, test, and quality plans to take the customer rapidly from prototype to volume. This included developing custom processes, as well as providing invaluable redesign feedback aimed at reducing costs in volume production.
  • An energy company engaged Sonic to build display panels for the house to monitor and control. Our customer understood the need for high reliability since analysts scrutinize performance and uptime of anything new in the marketplace. Sonic designed a scalable manufacturing process for production at the highest quality levels.

To be successful with these products it is essential that there be a strong, well experienced technical team on the production floor supporting the test area. The computing industry is constantly changing and evolving, requiring that all aspects of the industry associated with this market sector be nimble and ready for change. Sonic is a leader in this aspect and is committed to serving its customer base with total integrity and dedication.

The Sonic Benefits Are

  • Confidence with our technicians’ qualifications, many of whom have longevity and are highly experienced in critical debug work
  • Superior resolution of difficult technical issues that impact product yields
  • Collaboration with our seasoned senior hardware engineering team, and your design and test teams

Sonic’s Computing, Networking and Storage EMS Experience

  • Storage has typically been provided by the big OEMs as a very high-ticket value. We at Sonic have collaborated and manufactured the very first “Red box” that is creating a buzz in the industry. This is a very exciting solution for a vast customer base and Sonic is at the forefront to support all customers in various segments. We not only built the first prototype but have since offered design improvement suggestions and cost reductions to make the product a very affordable solution for various SAN and NAS applications.
  • Sonic provides complete electro-mechanical system assembly services, including Configure-to-Order (CTO) and final system test.