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Manufacturing Trends in 2015

Feb, 09 2015 Posted in Industry News, Sonic News

Manufacturing accounts for over $2 trillion of the current GDP. 9% of the workforce is currently in the industry, and the market is growing. These high numbers indicate everyone should keep an eye on manufacturing trends. The environment is changing quickly, and those who remain at the forefront will enjoy exciting developments this year and in the future.

Here are some of the larger manufacturing trends to watch out for:

Increase in Robotics

Last year, growth in the robotics industry was not as strong as it is expected to be in 2015. Experts are predicting that this year will see 30-50% growth in the market. The growth will come from traditional robotics as well as a rise in using automation as a service maintained by a manufacturer and applied by a company for industry needs. Sonic Manufacturing Technologies, for example, uses a system named expandable which is an SQL based ERP. Sonic has written a lot of custom code layered on top of this system that helps Sonic to run innumerable routines in the background. This enables Sonic to have an automated P.O placement “HAL”, which helps to streamline the supply chain and increase accuracy.

B2B Social Media Marketing

Manufacturers are going to have to step up their social media and online interactions. The high adoption rate of this brand of marketing is leading to an increased need for all industries to leverage internet marketing to produce revenue. Look for manufacturing companies to interact with brand names in their market space as well as the consumers in those markets. They will be using social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube to promote products.

IoT (Internet of Things)

This trend will likely impact the movement of the robotics industry, as well. The next few years are projected to be big for innovation and advancement in this sector. Research and development teams are looking at revolutionizing the manufacturing process and introducing industry workers to a far more technical work environment as more households and everyday processes become automated with IoT.


In 2014, you may have heard about manufacturing processes being brought back into the U.S. This trend is likely to continue, though not as rapidly as it did last year. The wage gap between manufacturing overseas and in the U.S. is continuing to decrease, leading processes back to our shores. The trend in robotics and IoT may also affect how much growth this trend enjoys in 2015. Companies like Silicon Valley based Sonic Manufacturing Technologies are leading this trend towards high tech domestic manufacturing.

Overall, the highlights in manufacturing this year seem to be increases in jobs, innovation, and highly technical manufacturing processes.

For additional information about Sonic Manufacturing Technologies and its leading role towards high tech domestic manufacturing, please contact us today!

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