Markets We Serve

Auto, Aero and Defense

The automotive industry is one of the most demanding and specialized segments for electronics manufacturing services. With the increasing amount of content in electronic cars today, products must be reliable and of the highest quality. Similarly, providing contract manufacturing services to the defense and aerospace markets present unique challenges.

Computing & Storage

Computer storage professional Service companies in the computing and storage industry have expanded their offerings to address the growing need of this market segment. As a premier electronics manufacturing services provider, Sonic has been involved with the development and production of various computing and storage products since its inception in 1997.

Clean and Renewable Technology

At $6 trillion dollars the energy market is a rapidly growing sector. Many entrepreneurs recognize the promise of this very exciting market and have launched new products and services. We support many products from vision to commercialized product quickly and cost effectively?

Industrial/Test Measurement

Industrial/Test Measurement

Sonic has experience building a wide range of industrial products including the first security screening machines installed at the airports. Our extensive experience in electro-mechanical assembly and test along with our custom manufacturing of cell designs enable Sonic to quickly ramp product to target volumes.

Medical and Biotech

Sonic understands that medical device and biotechnology companies require an extremely high level of product quality and traceability in component certification and in the manufacturing process. This holds true not only in the current environment but also for the future. Medical device and biotechnology customers require long-term support and maintenance of their manufactured products.

IOT - Internet of things

IOT/Wearable Devices

In the IOT & Wearable space consistent innovation, is shifting consumer behaviors. This is creating disruptive new business models thus reshaping consumer industries virtually overnight. There is a race to design and deliver the next great consumer device, be it a 3D virtual reality glasses or a smart watch, embedded camera, or some other tech-enabled accessory.

Networking/Comm & Security

Sonic has supported prototyping and productions needs for a number of networking clients over the years. We have the unique ability to apply our experience over a multitude of industries including Radio Frequency (RF) products that require mature and experienced personnel to understand the point-to-point, multi-point, 802.11, and other modalities needed to meet customer requirements.

Start ups, Labs and Incubators technology

Incubators/Labs & Start Ups

Whatever it is, start small, build from there and this begins the journey of innovative products and thinking that startup companies need to survive moving forward. Starting small inside a lab or incubator lets the companies see the advantages of innovating and thinking outside the box.  It gives companies a path to grow with a basic infrastructure and cross pollination of knowledge.

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