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Successful Meet up with a Full House! Meet Up Went on Well Into the Night at Sonic Manufacturing Technologies

Mar, 07 2015 Posted in Industry News, Sonic News

Contract manufacturers are playing a big role in bringing innovative new products to market in The Silicon Valley area of Northern California which has long been known as a breeding ground for technological innovation and new product development. Many different types of high-tech OEMs comprise the Silicon Valley, including makers of medical devices, green technology …

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Winter 2010 Edition of Electronics Industries Market Data Update

Mar, 05 2015 Posted in Industry News, Sonic News

IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries has released the winter 2010 edition of Electronics Industries Market Data Update which offers proof of a continuing economic recovery. The IPC Index of North American Electronics Industry Performance rose dramatically from -18.3 in the third quarter of 2009 to -5.5 in the fourth quarter. The Index is a …

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The Wearables Window

Mar, 02 2015 Posted in Industry News, Sonic News

Finding the right partner with the right offering is vital to a company’s success. This is a an insightful synopsis on what we see in our business every day. Executives in the EMS industry today are finding their roles changing from a pure sales person or a marketing person to more of a consultant to …

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Manufacturing Trends in 2015

Feb, 09 2015 Posted in Industry News, Sonic News

Manufacturing accounts for over $2 trillion of the current GDP. 9% of the workforce is currently in the industry, and the market is growing. These high numbers indicate everyone should keep an eye on manufacturing trends. The environment is changing quickly, and those who remain at the forefront will enjoy exciting developments this year and …

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RoHS 2 Creeps Up on the Industry

Feb, 08 2015 Posted in Industry News, Sonic News

Gary Nevison and the folks in the element14 community are doing their part to educate the electronics community about the new requirements of RoHS 2, an update to the European Restrictions on Hazardous Substances (RoHS), which took effect January 2.

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The Case for Backshoring

Jan, 25 2015 Posted in Industry News, Sonic News

For years, the NCR Corporation simply followed the pack. Like many other large U.S. manufacturing companies, in the past couple of decades the maker of automated teller machines (ATMs) relied heavily on offshoring and outsourcing to trim factory costs. By making much of its equipment in cheaper offshore locations in the Asia/Pacific region, and by …

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Procurement Analytics Enabling Journey to Value

Jan, 21 2015 Posted in Industry News, Sonic News

Procurement Analytics Enabling Journey to Value Making Procurement Relevant In this report, the Innovative Data Leveraging (IDL) process was described in different contexts, but the common thread in each case was that it provided a data-driven approach to driving change. Of course, leveraging analytics is difficult without some prior investment in strategic procurement systems. However, …

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Sonic Manufacturing is Proud to Offer Tours in Participation with the City of Fremont’s Manufacturing Day on Oct 3rd, 2014

Oct, 03 2014 Posted in Industry News, Sonic News

As U.S. Manufacturing Continues to Grow, the City of Fremont Gains Reputation as Silicon Valley Manufacturing Hub Fremont Releases Manufacturing Infographic and Facility Touring Schedules in Honor of Manufacturing Day Fremont, Calif. – October 2, 2014 – In honor of the upcoming nationwide Manufacturing Day on October 3, the City of Fremont today released an …

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