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Successful Meet up with a Full House! Meet Up Went on Well Into the Night at Sonic Manufacturing Technologies

Mar, 07 2015 Posted in Industry News, Sonic News

Contract manufacturers are playing a big role in bringing innovative new products to market in The Silicon Valley area of Northern California which has long been known as a breeding ground for technological innovation and new product development. Many different types of high-tech OEMs comprise the Silicon Valley, including makers of medical devices, green technology and clean energy products, semiconductor equipment, communications equipment and electronic instrumentation. But one of the hottest emerging sectors of the Silicon Valley economy these days is real manufacturing—an often overlooked sector comprising the companies that engineer, fabricate, machine, assemble, weld, mold, and stamp out components and assemblies for the Valley’s high-tech product brands. Manufacturing is paving the way for economic resurgence in Silicon Valley. This is the time for the EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) providers to shine for their client OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers)—to show off their expertise to design and produce the very latest innovations here—before transferring the high-volume production globally.

Sonic Manufacturing is one such company that was showcased via the ‘PRG hardware start up panel of experts and customers’ talking about the trade-offs and advantages of local EMS support. ” Regional contract manufacturers and design service firms are a highly valued asset in new product introduction and are emerging as a vital component in Silicon Valley’s innovation ecosystem. Executives in OEM’s describe contract manufacturers as an important driver of the local economy, playing a unique role in the development and introduction of new products across these industries. Proximity to customers, the rapid pace of innovation and new product development, and access to talent are the key drivers for the health of this industry in the Silicon Valley.

This next generation of innovators is utilizing the local expertise of Sonic in their early stages of development, from design for excellence (DFx) to product prototyping to NPI (New Product Introduction) and then on into volume production. We become their virtual manufacturing partner and a key element of getting their product to market quickly and effectively. ”A Manufacturing Process that’s Close to the Designer speeds innovation and problem solving. Clearly, new product introduction (NPI) is important to Silicon Valley’s ability to maintain its leadership in innovation;” says Ken Raab president of Sonic Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. Most companies that are attempting to introduce innovative products are receptive to suggestions on how to redesign their products for higher quality, lower cost manufacturing. Sonic Manufacturing, a contract manufacturer based in Fremont, Calif., provides a wide range of manufacturing, NPI, process engineering, testing, supply chain, and program management services. Offering its customers plenty of open dialogue, the company makes its team of program managers, engineers and test lab resources available to OEM customers so that they can tap into its knowledge base and expertise. “An important thing [for a product developer] is to have the resources of a test, assembly, and manufacturing process that’s close to them and can interact with them on a real time basis. We understand, from an engineering perspective, that things are constantly in a flux and they’re not always set in stone, so we need to be very flexible, we have to adapt our models to fit.”

Another thing we’ve done, as a company, is that if we don’t have exactly what the customer is looking for, we bring partners such as the PRG Group over and we introduce them to the experts they need—whether it’s a test solution, fixtures, or expertise in plastics. We enable the customer to get what they want. We’re tapping into the Silicon Valley ecosystem, and our customers appreciate this. We want to make sure we match technology and manufacturing solutions with customer needs. Making that pairing wisely is something that takes prior expertise with the technologies and experience across multiple products and industries.

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