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Supply Chain

world class electronics manufacturing supply chain management at Sonic Manufacturing, Fremont, CASonic Manufacturing understands that varied challenges you face in managing the increasingly globalized electronics supply chain:

Sourcing materials from around this planet has added complexity & risk, while international logistics has added costs & delays to the procurement process itself. Systems integration between trading partners is often lacking; leading to outdated data, mistimed transactions and poorly executed decisions. Current market conditions are often unfavorable to the OEM— including diminished component inventories, extended lead times, reduced factory capacities, rising commodity prices, a declining dollar and increased supplier consolidation.

These market forces have tested the EMS industry; and more clearly than ever segregated those who must rely on stable & repetitive products (forecasted, predictable) from those who are responsive & adaptive to the market itself (dynamic, demand-driven).

Interestingly, Sonic has found that by paying attention to the details that make us excel at demand-driven manufacturing our efficiencies have increased on stable & repetitive products. We are cost competitive in both markets; delivering rapidly to your requirements while holding service levels and low liability exposure.

What have we done that makes the Sonic supply chain different? Please read the topic areas below to find out.

Supply Chains at the Speed of Light™

Turnkey Solutions

Have you been frustrated with long lead times, slow responsiveness and high E&O billings? Periodically dealt with people that sidestep accountability and results by blaming the forecast (customer)? Does your manufacturing partner pay more attention to performing to their metrics, or yours? Check out this section for what makes Sonic different.
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Materials Management

Sonic Manufacturing assembles thousands of products each week from tens of thousands of part numbers. We currently transform over one million components per week into finished assemblies! The inventory is accurate, transactions are timely, the receiving dock is cleared and MRB is small. Check out the services we offer…
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HAL – Automated Supply Chain Solutions™

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies is renowned for its speed and responsiveness in working with customers; frequently working at less than half the lead time of the competition while excelling in quality and delivery. To move this fast requires highly-integrated and automated systems that detect and prevent errors and exceptions while communicating in real time. Come meet the nerve center of our operations…
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International Procurement Office

All customers and brand owners are rightfully concerned about component quality and traceability; especially considering the prevalence of counterfeiting and “refurbs” in the industry. Sonic shares these concerns and therefore prefers franchise distribution and factory-direct procurement.
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Outbound Logistics

When it comes to shipping; Sonic Manufacturing delivers! (Literally) If you are in the Bay Area our fleet of trucks will be there when you need us. Domestic or International, Industrial or Consumer, OEM, CEM or 3PL; we support your business model. Special packaging, directed carriers and kanban deliveries are all supported.
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Reverse Logistics & Depot Repair

When considering the total delivered cost of a product, reverse logistics to an offshore manufacturer is a frequently underestimated item. Are you really going to return it on a boat? Air freight? Include a permanent scrap or cost factor that erodes margins? We are happy to discuss the needs of your business; not just the products awarded to Sonic.
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